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Best Beaches in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is one of the world’s best tourist destinations, not only for its history, traditions, culture, the warmth of its people, and delicious cuisine but also for the beauty and variety of beaches located throughout its entire southern territory.


Such is the case of the iconic beaches of the Atlantic Ocean that are characterized by turquoise blue waters, ideal for swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or fishing.


If you are looking for options with more moderate waves and more relaxing experiences, the beaches of the southwest such as those of Monogaga are the way to go.


On the other hand, surfers and lovers of strong emotions make the beaches of the Atlantic their favorite destination, such is the case of the beaches of Assinie Mafia.


Whether your travel plan is to relax in an all-inclusive hotel by the sea, get in contact with nature or simply discover new destinations, the beaches of the Ivory Coast have everything for you to experience the best holiday.

Ivory Coast, therefore has unsuspected tourist potential. Today, focus on its beaches, some as beautiful… enough to give you ideas of escape and discovery. We have selected 11 beaches that give Ivory Coast a unique and magnificent landscape. Experience unique sensations and certainly a little pride.

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