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Ele Festival

For two days the boatmen competed fiercely on the Aby lagoon.


And the expectations of the festival-goers (about 7,000) were met by the good racing techniques of the hundred or so competitors from the 24 villages.


Men, women, old people, administrative and traditional authorities, personalities, artists, and former footballers (Soccer), all carefully followed the different canoe races in the different categories.


The pirogues multiplied the back and forth movements of the arms to beat the rhythm of the paddles under the watchful eye of the technicians of the Ivorian Federation of pirogues and canoe kayaks.


Racing techniques will have allowed competitors to bring out their biceps and triceps to seduce the public. Canoers and their canoes have demonstrated that the paddle has no secrets for all the sons and daughters of the Sud-Comoé region.


An endurance test won by the Anzê Club de Bouando 2 team, was unbeatable since the elimination phase is played usually on the second Saturday during the month of May.

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