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San Pedro Beach.jpeg


Located on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, on the Gulf of Guinea, 368 km from Abidjan, San-Pédro has beautiful beaches that leave you with the taste of life.

Northwest of the city lies the Taï National Park, known as one of the last sanctuaries of the pygmy hippopotamus, which is listed on the UNESCO's World Heritage List.

If you ever find yourself in the exotic West African country of Ivory Coast, or Cote D’Ivoire, San Pedro is a place you must put on your tourist map.

San Pedro, with its striking Spanish name in a Francophone country, is the second largest port of the country, after Abidjan. As a result, it is a hub for traders, businessmen and expatriates.


Situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, the town hugs the coastline, offering stupendous views and access to numerous beaches

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