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Adventure & Ecotourism

Ivory Coast is one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. It offers several impressive seaside resorts.


It is endowed with 515 km of maritime coastline and has beautiful beaches lined with coconut trees, washed by the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean with about 300 000 hectares of lagoon water.


Beach tourism is well developed in Ivory Coast and many marinas (beachfront hotels) are available.


There are numerous beautiful beaches of golden sand lined with coconut trees and suitable for swimming, sunbathing, walks, diving, and water sports.

Grand-Bereby is a jewel of nature and is one of the most solicited beach resort destinations in the Ivory Coast. It has a paradisiac (idyllic) beach whose western tip ends with rocky screes that amaze visitors and have nothing to envy the beaches of the Caribbean.

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