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The Waterfalls of Man

The city of Man is a city that is distinguished on the tourist level by its summits.


Indeed, this city in the west of the Ivory Coast is full of tourist potential due to its many mountains. The city is also nicknamed the city of 18 mountains. However, in addition to the mountains, the city offers a particular attraction: the waterfalls.

The city of Man has three waterfalls, the best known of which is that of Mount Tonkpi. In this article, we will reveal this tourist facet of the capital of the Tonkpi region.


Geographical Locations

Man has three waterfalls which are those of Mount Tonkpi, the tooth, and Goba.


The waterfall of Mount Tonkpi is located about 3 km from the town of the said locality, in the village of Zadepleu. The access road is at the exit of the city of Man. It is located at the bottom of Mount Tonkpi.


The Tooth Waterfall is also found at the bottom of the said mountain. The tooth is one of the mountains that most attracts the curiosity of tourists in the city. It is distinguished by its human tooth appearance: one small and one large. Hence the name was given to the mountain.


The cascade of the tooth is just as admirable as that of the Tonkpi. Unlike, she can be famous and her potential is under-exploited.


The Goba waterfall is located on the road to Danané. Like that of the tooth, it is little known and remains equally under-exploited.


A particular advantage over the last two waterfalls listed is whether you need the musicality of the waterfall to meditate on. It is that you will have peace of mind if you decide to venture there. At the Tonkpi waterfall, for example, the probability of meeting other visitors is high. This is relative to the fame of the stunt.

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