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Located a few kilometers from Abidjan, Jacqueville is mainly a fishing port and a seaside resort. It is magnificent and remains a very visited tourist site.


Jacqueville is one of the pearls of the Ivory Coast. It’s beaches are rugged, tropical, and highly unique.


Here decaying Parisian colonial buildings and arcades of the French empire stand alongside thatched beach huts under canopies of huge palm trees.


Pineapple groves intertwine before turning into distinctive orange sugary sand, with the cold Atlantic ocean at its end.


Although Jacqueville is only a short journey west up the coast from the country’s huge capital city Abidjan, its beaches are relatively unspoilt and not too crowded.

This is a fantastic place to escape to and unwind after a few days in the capital city, and it’s easy to get to by bus from the city.


There’s accommodation options here to should you want to stay for a while, we wouldn’t blame you!

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