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Generation Festival

The Fatchué or Generation Festival


The Ebriés, originally called "Chaman" or "Atshan", are an ethnic group from the Ivory Coast, the Ebriés are lagoon people. They live in the southern part of the Ivory Coast, around the lagoon that bears their name.


The majestic waters of the city of Abidjan run from Grand Bassam (east) to the Assani Canal (west). These people make up about 0.7% of the country's population and the Ebriés are members of the Akan group.


Each year, one of the generations mentioned above organizes a festival called Fatchué, it is the Generation Festival of the Atchan people over three hundred years old.


This initiation ceremony marks the passage from one stage to another in the life of young girls and boys of the age groups that make up a generation.


During this celebration, the ruling age class passes the torch to another age class who will in turn manage the affairs of the village.


This passing of the torch allows the age group that receives it, to pass from adolescence to adulthood, at the age of maturity.


From this ceremony, the individuals of this age group will have the right to speak during the assemblies and therefore to take part in the decisions of the village.

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