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Nation Park of Azagny

Located in the Grands Ponts region, more precisely in the sub-prefecture of Grand-Lahou, the Azagny National Park covers an area of 19,400 ha.


Created on April 4, 1981, as a hunting reserve until 1954, the area was classified in 1960 as a partial wildlife reserve.


By decree n°81-218 of 04/04/81, the Azagny Faunal Reserve was erected in the Azagny National Park after decommissioning of a large part of the cultivated areas (about a third of the initial area).


Its particular assets are as follows: the proximity of the city of Abidjan (approximately 120 km), the existence of navigable bodies of water on the outskirts, the possibility of flying over by plane from the Dabou aeroclub, the avifauna in the dry season (migration site), the presence of buffaloes, forest elephants and chimpanzees, a colony of West African manatees subject to protection, a RAMSAR site.

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