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Bandama River

What a view, what a view!!! I think that, like me, anyone who lands for the first time in this corner of nature wedged between the waters of one of the largest rivers in the Ivory Coast and endless rows of banana trees, cannot help but have this reaction.


And for good reason: the place is just amazing! Perched above an arm of the river, the Refuge du Bandama is an architect's house comprising 2 superimposed apartments which, through the play of huge bay windows offer a panoramic view of the waters of the Bandama on one side and on the banana plantations on the other.


Each apartment has been designed so that your stay goes smoothly! Nothing is missing: the equipment is of high quality, the decor is very nice and the comfort is maximum.


The hosts of the place will welcome you warmly and will be there to meet your needs while respecting your privacy, the calm, and the serenity of the place. Because that's right! At the Bandama refuge, you feel “almost” alone in the world.


In communion with the surrounding nature, completely integrated into the life of the river, the variations of which we follow “live” throughout the day.


From the vaporous mists of the morning to the golden reflections of the evening light, from the differences in water levels or intensity to the diversity of the vegetation on the banks...


We are at the heart of an ecosystem that is constantly evolving and which can be observed from various developed points.


The main attraction?

A platform is built in a tree overlooking the waters of the river and is accessible by a rope bridge.


Magical! And if you're a photographer, you're in for a treat! Between swimming - completely safe in the calm arm of the river or in the natural swimming pool set up upstream -, walks in the forest to discover the local flora and fauna (many birds, insects, a few hippos and monkeys if you get up early enough !), a bit of sport (petanque or cycling) and even a sauna in the middle of nature (cabin in the garden)...


You won't have time to get bored, quite the contrary, and plenty of time to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries! The Bandama refuge is one of those places where time stands still and where we find a natural rhythm in harmony with the elements. And that's good!


Because that is exactly what we need!

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