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Nawa Falls

Located in the South-West of the Ivory Coast, about 480km from Abidjan, the Nawa Region, backed by the Taï Park, a biosphere reserve and world heritage site, is a forest area with diversified vegetation.


Inhabited by abundant wildlife including buffaloes and a few elephants, this region has the town of Soubré as its capital. The Nawa Region is also developing a tourist activity centered around the Nawa Falls and their cascades on the Sassandra River.


The Bakoué people pay particular attention to this site which turns out, for some, a place of pilgrimage and spiritual retreat and, for others, a place of leisure and entertainment.


Step 1: The Abidjan road (take the North highway) -Tiassalé  Divo  Lakota less than 5 hours by car to get to Soubré. If you leave Abidjan around 9 a.m., we advise you, for the lunch break (around 12:30 p.m.), to stop in Gagnoa at the Stella Maria restaurant on the main axis opposite the Total station.


Step 2: Where to sleep? It is clear that you will not have to look for palaces here but we recommend the hotel 'Le Campement' which has 14 air-conditioned rooms and basic services. This hotel has a garden and a children's play area. The hotel will also provide you with a guide for visiting the falls and other local curiosities.


Step 3: Visiting the Nawa falls To get to the Nawa falls from Soubre, you will go by car for a few kilometers then the end of the route will be on foot. You will discover cob habitats and the life of local populations.


These falls are deserved...indeed the access is not so obvious.


So we advise you to leave with a guide who will be able to tell you the story of these falls: Nawa is the name of the genius who lives in the water... it's up to you to listen to the end of the story in front of this enchanting site Also see for longer stays: Taï National Park, The artificial lake of Buyo, The monkeys of the sacred forest of Grébouho II The Grah Rapids in the Bakwé at Méagui The Trokoï Mountains of Okrouyo The dams of Buyo and Soubré (currently under construction).

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