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Comoé National Park

Comoé National Park is the largest in Côte d'Ivoire and one of the largest in West Africa. It straddles the departments of Téhini and Doropo to the north, Bouna to the northeast, Nassian to the south and Dabakala to the southeast, as well as Kong to the west and northwest. With an area of ​​1,148,756 hectares, it was classified in 1983 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a biosphere reserve.


Access to this site is facilitated by a very dense road network and a navigable river by canoe with tributaries that irrigate it. Its extent, its faunal and floristic diversity offer undeniable potential for the practice of ecotourism and safari. It also has a large network of trails suitable for hiking and the existence of high observation points such as Mont Wabelé (664 m), Mont Yévélé (635 m), Mont Boutourou (560 m), Mont Téhini ( 560m). Among other things, there is a German research station near Kapkin in the Nassian sector.



The PNC, with its 1,149,150 ha, straddles 6 departments (Bouna, Téhini, Doropo, Kong, Dabakala, and Nassian). As a result, several access options are available to visitors. These cities are served by air and land.


Several land transport companies shuttle between these cities and the Ivorian capitals. The airfields of Bouna, Kafolo, Ouango-fitini, and Ferké allow access by private flights since the national airline has not yet fully deployed its services there to date (2017).


The three entrances to the PNC, are the South entrance to Kakpin (Nassian department), the East entrance to Bania (Bouna department), and the North-West entrance to Kafolo (Kong department), which are accessible by road depending on distances and travel times.



Immersion in the Comoé National Park offers a unique and enchanting experience of seeing more than 1,500 species in one place, rich and diverse flora and fauna. Beautiful landscapes, a plurality of habitats made of forests, savannahs, mountains, plains, mountains, and 230 km of the navigable river!

The activities of the Park are legion, we could note among others:

  • Photos in the park

  • Canoe or speedboat ride

  • Climbing mountains

  • Night Safari

  • Savannah and clear forest walking safari

  • Lobi dance (village visit) hunting people

  • Dozo dance

  • Choral

  • Picnic facilities in the Park

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